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03Our Collective Responsibility

Our organic and extended team consists of some of the best experts in the world in the areas of Blockchain, IoT, Cloud, and increasingly growing expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The collective background of our team comes from pioneering the build out of new platforms for the industry: sharing the first proofs on Blockchain in IoT use cases to the industry, spearheading adoption of enterprise cloud platforms, and engineering the first generation of embedded handheld platforms. The heritage of our team is rooted in deploying some of the largest routed networks of the world at the buildout and dawn of TCP/IP platform.

Our extended team consists of crypto lawyers and tax practitioners attuned to regulatory and compliance around decentralized networks, venture formations, and token-based ventures. Digital Twin Labs has implemented on some of the first supply networks in the world for provenance of luxury assets on Blockchain. We have advised token-based venture formations for enterprises. We have formed co-owned relationship in IoT and Blockchain play.

Some of Digital Twin Labs client work has partnered with BCG Digital Ventures. Digital Twin Labs is commonly invited to share its practitioner experiences and thought leadership on the stage at Davos, Federal Reserve Bank, Gates Foundation, Institute of the Future, MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, World Crypto Economic Forum, and IoT Asia among other distinguished settings.